Russia signs Tu-95MS, MiG-31 upgrade contracts

Modernisation contracts were signed at the international military and technical forum 'Army-2021' - held at Kubinka Air Base near Moscow from August 22-28 - for the Russian Aerospace Force's Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 fighter-interceptors and Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers.

The deals between United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) subsidiary companies and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation were announced on August 24. A state contract for the deep modernisation of the Tu-95MS to Tu-95MSM standard was signed by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko and the managing director of Tupolev PJSC, Vadim Korolev.

Tu-95MSM first flight 22-08-20 [Beriev]
The first Tupolev Tu-95MSM completed its maiden flight at PJSC TANTK G M Beriev's airfield in Taganrog on August 22, 2020. At Army-2021, the Russian MOD signed a contract with UAC subsidiary, PJSC Tupolev, to modernise an undisclosed number of Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers to MSM standard. Beriev

Work on the Tu-95MS is carried out jointly by PJSC Tupolev and PJSC TANTK G M Beriev. As part of an extensive upgrade, modern equipment and systems are installed on the Tu-95MS to bring it up to the Tu-95MSM configuration. The work includes the integration of upgraded Kuznetsov NK-12MPM turboprops with AV-60T propellers; a new Novella HB1.021 phased-array radar; a SOI-021 information display system and a Meteor-NM2 self-defence system.

In addition, two state contracts were also signed by the Russian MOD and RSK MiG. One involves the overhaul and modernisation of MiG-31s to MiG-31K standard, allowing the type to carry the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic nuclear-capable, air-launched ballistic missile. The second is a government contract for the repair of MiG-31 fighter-interceptors, with modernisation to the MiG-31BM configuration. The documents were signed by Krivoruchko and the managing director of the MiG corporation, Andrey Gerasimchuk.