Russian FSS Ka-226Ts

Russia’s FSS ordered five Ka-226T helicopters in November 2015 under a RUB 2.243 billion for delivery in 2017 (3) and 2018 (2).

On March 30, Russian Helicopters announced the all-important Federal Security Service (FSS) received its first pair of ship-borne capable Kamov Ka-226T helicopters. Handover took place during a small ceremony at the KumAPE plant in Kumertau, which runs production of the Ka-226T family of helicopters for Russian Government customers.

The Ka-226T ship-borne derivative, developed for the FSS’s own aviation arm (given the Kamov internal designation 226.57), features folding rotor blades, new avionics, radios to cover the entire maritime communications band and improved airframe corrosion protection for regular maritime operations on board small patrol ships tasked with border protection, search and rescue and general transport duties. The 3.4-tonne helicopter also comes fitted with pintle mounts for sidefiring PK 7.62mm machine guns, internal and external lighting compatible with night vision goggles and an SLG-300 electric rescue hoist.