Russian Helicopters signs production roadmap for Ka-226T in India

Russian Helicopters – a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation – has signed an events roadmap with Indo-Russian Helicopters Ltd (IRHL) for the localisation of Ka-226T helicopter production in India.

The roadmap outlines the main stages and terms for setting up the Ka-226T twin-engine, light utility helicopter’s production in India. In particular, the document provides a timeline for the Ka-226T’s localisation – contracting with suppliers, the transfer of design documentation, Indian personnel training and the supply of technological equipment and machinery.

Ka-226T [Russian Helicopters]
Russian Helicopters

Andrei Boginsky, director general of Russian Helicopters, said: “The roadmap signed today will be the basis for further development of the Ka-226T [localisation] project in India.”

The Ka-226T follows a coaxial twin-rotor design and is designed to transport up to six people. It has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 3.6 tonnes and can carry a payload of up to one tonne. Russian Helicopters boasts that the “improved performance characteristics of the Ka-226T, its eco-friendly features, cost effectiveness, advanced avionics and additional flight safety solutions make this helicopter one of the best models in its class”.