Russian Su-25SM3s crews employ ‘Solt-25’

Sukhoi Su-25SM3 ground attack aircraft crews, belonging to Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS-RF) units in the Kuban region in the Southern Military District, have trained using a new sighting and navigation system, known as ‘Solt-25’.

During the training missions, aircrews targeted the air defence facilities of mock enemies in mountainous and wooded areas at night, flying at extremely low altitudes and manoeuvring around air defence detection zones. The aircraft employed the new standard sighting-navigation complex ‘Solt-25’ – an optical-laser-thermal imaging system.

Su-25SM3 [Russian MoD] #1
A Russian Su-25SM3 is prepared for a training mission at Kuban air base. This aircraft is fitted with the 'Solt-25' navigational system. Russian MoD

According to the Russian ministry of defence: “the crews also worked out take-off and landing in pairs, performed elements of complex and group aerobatics, such as horizontal barrels, turns [and] dive slides with large angles of inclination.”  

During the winter training period, Su-25SM3 pilots operating as part of the Southern Military District have flown more than 2,200 sorties with the practical use of standard weapons.