Rustom 2 tests

India’s Rustom-2 Tactical Airborne Platform for Surveillance-Beyond Horizon 201 (TAPAS BH 201) medium-altitude long-endurance UAV made its first test flight in an operational configuration on February 25 at the Aeronautical Test Range at Chalakere. The Rustom-2 is being developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation.

The Rustom-2 is designed to carry interchangeable sensor packages, including long and mediumrange electro-optical, electronic/ communications intelligence and synthetic aperture radar. It will be capable of missions lasting up to 24 hours at altitudes up to 22,000ft (6,705m).

The Rustom-1 flew in 2009, with the system achieving 11,500ft (3,500m) and 76kts (140km/h) during one test. This aircraft provided the basis for the Rustom-2.