Ryanair places huge new 737 MAX order

In a big break for Boeing, the low-cost carrier added to its large existing order of MAXs 

Ryanair has today signed a purchase agreement with Boeing for 75 new 737 MAX aircraft, the largest order the American manufacturer has received for the embattled jet since 2018. 

737 MAX
(Photo Key/Thomas Haynes)

This deal increases the airline’s firm order for the type from 135 to 210, with a total value at list prices of more than $22bn. Following the recertification by the FAA last month, Ryanair expects to take deliveries of these aircraft starting early next year and continuing until December 2024. 

The Irish low-cost carrier has ordered the high capacity -8200 variant which seats 197 passengers, which is eight more than the standard model. 

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair’s CEO, commented: “We are pleased and proud to place this enlarged order with Boeing, who have successfully completed the return to service of the Boeing MAX aircraft. The [jet] is a fabulous aircraft with more seats, more leg room, lower fares, lower fuel consumption, and it sets incredible environmental standards, including 40% less noise and lower CO2 emissions. 

“For as long as the Covid-19 pandemic depresses air travel, we will use these new aircraft to replace some of our older Boeing NG fleet, which will remain grounded until pre-COVID demand returns.” 

The pair agreed revised delivery dates for the jets, but crucially have also agreed compensation for the direct costs incurred by Ryanair over the past 18 months which have strategically been factored into a “modest reduction” in the pricing of these new examples. 

Dave Calhoun, Boeing’s president and CEO, added: “We are gratified that Ryanair is once again placing its confidence in the Boeing 737 family and building their future fleet with this enlarged firm order…We firmly believe in this airplane and we will continue the work to re-earn the trust of all of our customers.” 

The carrier initially expected to take delivery of its first airframes in April 2019, but the worldwide grounding of type delayed its introduction. It expects to take delivery of up to 30 Boeing 737 MAX jets before next summer.