SAAB and FMV sign contract for Gripen E Equipment

A contract has been signed between Saab and the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) regarding new equipment for the Gripen E.

With a value of €1.4bn Swedish krona, the contract is supplementary to the original contract of the development and modification Gripen E from 2013.

The original contract in 2013 was based on terms that equipment from the Gripen C/D fleet will be reused and placed in the new Gripen E model.

Gripen E
A formation of Saab Gripen Es with a Brazilian Air Force marked Gripen E leading the formation. Linus Svensson/ Saab


Instead of reusing the equipment from the previous C/D model, part of the total Swedish order of 60 Gripen E aircraft will receive new equipment instead of the originally planned reused equipment.

This approach secures the service availability of the Swedish Gripen C/D fleet whilst the Gripen E is both delivered and introduced into Swedish Armed Forces service.