Saberlets in Singapore

SUPERJET TEST aircraft 97006 was on show in the static display at Changi fitted with saberlets, winglets jointly developed by SCAC, Central Aero and the Hydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI).

President of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company Alexander Rubtsov claims saberlets, in flight test since December, increase the aircraft’s fuel efficiency and range by 2.6% and on some flights by 3%. Impressive statistics despite an additional weight: 200kg (441lb) for the saberlets and 40kg (88lb) for reinforcements.

Saberlets also enhance takeoff and landing performance and increase climb performance, which expands the type’s operating limits in hot and high conditions.

Rubtsov said Superjet fitted with Saberlets will be capable of operating from small, regional airports with runways 1,400– 1,500m (4,593–4,921ft) long.

The system will be introduced on new aircraft and may be retrofitted to aircraft already in operation. Russian carrier Aeroflot is interested in retrofitting its fleet of Superjet aircraft. Piotr Butowski