Saudi and Tunisian air forces train together

Participants in the joint Saudi-Tunisia exercise held at Sidi Ahmed Air Base in Bizerte, Tunisia stand in front of one of the Royal Saudi Air Force’s A330 MRTTs that has been specially painted in ‘Vision 2030’ markings.
Saudi MoD

The Royal Saudi Air Force and the Tunisian Air Force have for the first time conducted a joint air exercise, which was held at the Sidi Ahmed Air Base in Bizerte, Tunisia. Saudi aircraft, including six F-15C and F-15D Eagles from 34 Squadron based at Taif Air Base, and an A330 MRTT from 24 Squadron based at Al Kharj Air Base, arrived in Tunisia on October 1. The exercise concluded on October 7 with a closing ceremony that included joint air-to-air combat simulations with Tunisian and Saudi aircraft, including Tunisian F-5s. The Saudi Ministry of Defence said the exercise aimed to share experience and raise combat readiness. The two countries have enjoyed close ties for a number of years, with Tunisia joining a Saudi-led military alliance in 2015. Guy Martin

Tunisian Air Force F-5E Tiger Y92511/IJ of 15 Squadron escorted by 34 Squadron Royal Saudi Air Force F-15D 3433 over Bizerte, Tunisia.
Saudi MoD