Scandinavian Mountains Airport Out Now

Orbx has announced ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport for Prepar3D v4 is now available.


Developed by Marcus Nyberg, is the first to be made with 3cm drone-sourced aerial imagery as well as sporting the latest technology such as 4k materials, PBR effects, dynamic ground polygons, night lighting, static aircraft and snow technology first seen at Kiruna and Gothenburg.

The real airport opened in December 2019 and is a new, purpose-designed Swedish airport, located close to the Norwegian border. It was constructed to service nearby ski resorts and can handle aircraft up to a Boeing 747 although it is frequented by scheduled A320, RJ100 and ATR72 services to Swedish and European destinations, including Gothenburg, Heathrow and Copenhagen. While primarily a winter holiday destination, the airfield is expected to handle year-round traffic, including corporate and GA flights alongside RPT services. It is the first to feature a purpose-built remote virtual control tower (RVT), meaning that ATC staff are based in Sundsvall, rather than the airport itself.

Key Features

  • Drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery
  • The world's newest international airport
  • Stunning snow technology
  • Dynamic weather-influenced ground textures
  • Complete seasonal variations
  • Interior modelling
  • 4K materials, including PBR
  • Colour-corrected coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution
  • Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to ESKS
  • Stunning night light lighting
  • Custom GSX profile
  • Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Norway, Orbx Global Base and openLC Europe
  • Optimized for high performance.