Sculpture memorialises Stirling crews

A dramatic new sculpture titled 'Rise', depicting a World War Two airman sitting on a 14-cylinder Bristol Hercules XVI engine, has been unveiled during a memorial service for the crews of Short Stirling bombers BK710 and BK716.  

The event, led by Princess Margriet Francisca, took place on October 12 at Almere Resistance Memorial Park in the Netherlands.

A World War Two airman sits on a 14-cylinder Bristol Hercules XVI engine in Almere. Lex Beers via Lilian Mourik

The sculpture is the excellent work of Laura O’Neill and is intended to represent ‘an invitation to today's youth to commemoration and dialogue’. The wreckage of one of the aircraft – Stirling Mk.III BK716 of 218 Squadron – was salvaged from the bottom of Lake Markermeer, near Amsterdam, in 2020 (see FlyPast, May 2020).

With thanks to Christan Koenig.