Searidge set to deploy apron management platform at Hong Kong International

The new system is expected to enhance situational awareness, aerodrome surveillance and safer traffic controls

Searidge technologies has announced it has been chosen by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) to produce a digital tower and apron platform to contribute to its expansion at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

The new technology will include the delivery of a Digital Apron Management System (DAMS) and Digital Tower Facilities (DTF) to the air navigation service provider – the Civil Aviation Department.

Both groups have collaborated to create a common software platform, technical infrastructure and video image apparatus.

Hong Kong International Airport
Photo Hong Kong International Airport 

Aerodrome surveillance alongside an anomaly detection function will be provided by the DAMS. This will offer personnel within the Integrated Airport Centre (IAC) with situational awareness on aprons and operations planning for aircraft.

The DTF will help provide safer traffic control, by enhancing visual augmentation, situational awareness and alerts for potentially compromising circumstances. The system is also set to address limitations of the control tower sighting by eliminating obstructive objects.

Moodie Cheikh, CEO, Searidge Technologies, said: “We have been working with the teams in Hong Kong since 2018 on various trial systems. We are happy to be part of this monumental project, the first collaboration between an airport and an ANSP for a single digital platform and the largest digital deployment to date.

“This collaboration shows the way forward in airport digitalisation, a single platform that unites airport stakeholders to enhance safety, operational resilience, interoperability and collaborative decision making.”

Searidge has also partnered with Chinney Alliance Engineering Ltd as part of its Asia Pacific strategy to service and support Hong Kong and mainland China. The two companies have previously worked together on several projects.