Photographed for the first time with stations 1 and 9 in use, F-15SA 12-1001 is seen on final approach to Palmdale on October 4, 2016, equipped with its flight test instrumentation boom. The aircraft carries a GBU-10 on each inboard wing station and a single AIM-9X on the twin rails on the outer stations.
Matthew C. Hartman

The F-15SA is described as the most capable version of the Eagle, and as being more advanced than current US Air Force aircraft. It brings improved performance, increased warload, enhanced situational awareness and better survivability — all at a lower total life-cycle cost.

THINGS ARE LOOKING good for Boeing’s ‘Advanced F-15’ in the Middle East. The White House approved Qatar’s long-standing request for up to 36 F-15s in September 2016 — the deal now awaits a formal announcement. Meanwhile, there were clear signs that deliveries of the Boeing F-15SA to Saudi Arabia would finally begin in December 2016, some 22 months later than originally planned, and delayed from the revised target date of October 2016.

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