Serb MiG-29s from Russia

In principle, an agreement has been reached between Serbia and Russia for the delivery of second-hand MiG- 29 Fulcrum fighters, reportedly during a mid-November session of the Russian-Serbian commission for trade and economic cooperation affairs.

Russian media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to the deal, which involves six refurbished and slightly upgraded MiG-29s. Serbia is reportedly only required to pay the overhaul and upgrade costs, valued at an estimated $50 million. No final agreement has been reached because of the financial burden the contract will place on the defence budget, but the Serbian Ministry of Defence is expected to give approval for the deal. The Serbian Air Force currently has just three MiG-29s (two single-seat and one two-seat) in service with 101. lae (101st Fighter Aviation Squadron) based at Batajnica Air Base, and a pair of two-seat MiG-21UMs which are maintained in airworthy condition.

Alexander Mladenov and Krassimir Grozev