Seychelles Airport announces plans to scrap paper arrival forms

The project will eliminate manual data entry errors, reduce the risk of COVID transmission with fewer interactions and improve efficiency 

Seychelles Ministry of Transport has launched a digital trial at the country’s main international airport in an effort to phase out paper arrival forms and replace them with an e-form, that can be completed by arriving passengers before they travel.   

Photo Seychelles Ministry of Transport

The trial, in partnership with the Department of Immigration, Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and the Department for Information and Communication Technology (DICT), will run from August and end when authorities are satisfied with staff training and the smooth transition of software as well as with the introduction of new hardware, including computer monitors and 15 new Desko ID scanners. 

A proportion of travellers from each international flight will be processed by immigration officers using the digital system, which will be fully integrated with the current database that has been in operation for more than 25 years and facilitated by border security experts Travizory. 

Alain Volcere, principal secretary for immigration and civil status, said: "We’re delighted to roll out paperless entry for international arrivals in Seychelles. The introduction of a digital system means increased efficiency for front-line Immigration Officers; by eliminating the painstaking and time consuming manual entry of passenger data they can dedicate more time to focus on their core responsibility of securing our borders. As travellers grapple with increasingly complex travel rules, the introduction of a digital pre-approval process also removes some of the guesswork for visitors who will have confidence that they can enter the Seychelles before boarding.”