SFO to reopen longest runway after four month closure for repairs

San Francisco International Airport is set to reopen its longest runway after a four-month period of repairs 

The longest runway at San Francisco International Airport, runway 28 right, has undergone repaving works over the last four months. The airport recently announced its reopening. 

Photo SFO

During the four months the improvements to the runway included paving the equivalent of 75 football fields, installing around 2000ft of pipes for a new drainage system and 60 miles of cabling for tarmac lighting infrastructure.  

Although the runway is due to reopen fully, the project team will continue with auxiliary work at the northwest side of the airport. This includes improvements to taxiway layout and the new installation of new lighting.  

So that the project team have adequate space to complete these workings, while providing sufficient runway length for aircraft, Runway 28 Left will be temporarily shortened by approximately 3500ft from the period of September 8, 2021 to October 4, 2021.  

During this period, 28 left will be used for landing aircraft only; no departing aircraft will take off over the project area. Although this adjustment is temporary, there is no anticipation to cause any significant flight delays during fine weather conditions.  

The repaving project was originally scheduled to occur in 2022 but was started early to take advantage of reduced flight schedules resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In October 2020, the airport completed an accelerated project to improve areas where multiple runways intersect. This latest repaving is engineered to last at least ten years. 

Golden Gate Constructors, a joint venture between DeSilva Gates Construction and Graniterock, was awarded the contract for this work. The total project cost is expected to be $149 million.