Siemens Logistics updates baggage handling system at Bergamo Airport

The new enhancement increases airport capacity by more than 50%, with the chance to resume normal operations once passenger traffic recovers

Siemens Logistics has recently finalised an enhancement of the existing baggage handling system (BHS) at Milan Bergamo Airport.

The integration of an explosives detection software was also included within the contract with airfield operator, SACBO.

Incorporated into the initiative was engineering, project management, supply, installation and commissioning of conveying and diverting systems.

Siemens Logistics
Photo Siemens Logistics 

“We have decided to continue to focus on Siemens’ technology, certain to guarantee our airport the best solutions available on the market, allowing us to maintain the highest safety standards so far ensured in baggage handling and to support the prompt recovery of air traffic,” said Emilio Bellingardi, general manager for SACBO.

As the third busiest airport in Italy, Bergamo serves as an essential logistics hub for the northern region.

Implementing a new BHS, along with the expansion of the terminal, allows for a higher throughput and increases the airport capacity by 50%. Although the pandemic has introduced many challenges, the hub continued to develop and strengthen.

Now that the airport has modernised its facilities, operations can resume as normal once demand begins to recover.

The baggage screening at Milan Bergamo is now compliant with the latest legislation set out by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) standard three.

The logistics firm runs its own regional company in the Italian capital. With more than a decade of experience in baggage and cargo handling, customer proximity and project management has been at the forefront of Siemens Logistics priorities.