Sikorsky relocates Australian spares

ON JANUARY 29, Sikorsky Australia announced it has relocated its Forward Stocking Location (FSL) from Brisbane, in Queensland, to Perth in Western Australia. The company said it anticipates the relocation of the FSL will improve the availability of its S-92 helicopters operating in the oil and gas sector off the remote north west coast of Western Australia. It said the move had been welcomed by oil and gas industry operators across the Asia-Pacific region.

Neil Seabrook, Engineering Manager for Bristow Asia Pacific Operations said: “Having an FSL in Western Australia is extremely beneficial for operators like Bristow and the businesses that rely upon our aircraft.

Bristow provides 24/7 services to the oil and gas industry in Western Australia. Having an FSL in the region where we can communicate and work in the same time zone will have major economic and business and efficiency benefits, not just for us, but also for our customers.”

Sikorsky said the regional S-92 fleet has grown to 22 helicopters, which has flown in excess of 40,000 hours in the past decade and 15,000 in 2018 alone. The Western Australian FSL will support both S-92 and S-76 helicopters.

Sikorsky Australia’s General Manager, Andrew Rushbrook, said: “Making the decision to relocate the FSL to Perth will better meet our customers’ needs, not just in Western Australia, but across the Asia-Pacific.”

Rushbrook added: “We are seeing increased uptake of Sikorsky helicopters in the Asia- Pacific region, across a range of industries. Relocating the FSL to Western Australia will improve wait times and increase efficiency for all our customers, which is a great outcome for us here at Sikorsky Australia.”