NAVBLUE for Silver

REGIONAL CARRIER Silver Airways has selected NAVBLUE to design, test, train, implement and administer a range of operations control centre products to improve the efficiency of its operations.


NAVBLUE, a supplier of integrated flight operations software, will supply Silver Airways with its N-Flight Planning, described as “a multi-tiered browser-based flight planning system” that will enable users to compute highly optimised flight trajectories swiftly, factoring payload, aircraft performance, current weather and air traffic constraints, with the ability to optimise for minimum flight time, fuel burn or total cost.

NAVBLUE will also provide Silver Airways with its N-RAIDO solution for operational control and crew management, including scheduling and planning, to help Silver track crew duty/rest, training, vacation, medical checks and passport expiry. The airline will further use the N-Crew LBS and N-Crew Pairing Optimiser software to filter and sort crew pairings and manage their schedules.

Brent James, Silver Airways Vice President Operations, said: “We have already seen positive tangible benefits to our operation, including improved employee access to critical operational information via NAVBLUE’s easyto- use interface, and we look forward to their systems providing even further improvement to Silver Airways’ operational efficiency and communication.”

Mark Broadbent