Sino-Russian Agreement


The agreement between China and Russia on the development of a new heavy helicopter is 99% complete. According to Russia’s Sputnik news agency, Gui Congyou, the Head of the Department of European-Central Asian Affairs in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “The joint Russia-China project on development of a heavylift helicopter is progressing well, the agreement is expected to be signed, 99% of provisions have been agreed on.” In May 2015, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and the Russian Helicopters Corporation signed a framework cooperation agreement on common development of a newgeneration Advanced Heavy-Lift (AHL) helicopter.

The AHL will be powered by two engines and a maximum take-off weight of 38,200kg (84,216lb) including a 10,000kg (22,046lb) payload carried inside the cabin or 15,000kg (33,069lb) externally slung. Design requirements include a maximum speed of 162kts (300km/h), a service ceiling of 18,700ft (5,700m) and a range of 340nm (630km).

Russia is expected to complete the preliminary design and develop the critical systems including rotors and transmissions. China, in turn, will undertake detailed design, testing, certification and the series production of the helicopter. Ukrainian company Ivchenko Progress is proposing development of the AI-8000V engine rated at 7,600hp (5,590kW) at take-off for the AHL helicopter. Neither Russia nor China have the required power. The helicopter will only be manufactured in China, 200 of which are expected to be built by 2040.