SITA solution supports EPL standardisation

Travel IT specialist SITA has developed a blockchain-based solution enabling the verification of an electronic personnel license without network connectivity.

SITA’s contribution supports the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) adoption of an industry-wide digital standard for the use of electronic personnel licenses (EPLs) on international flights by allowing offline verification in a way that preserves privacy.

Following a successful proof of concept in 2020 – where SITA integrated its solution for offline verification into the Civil Aviation Authority of China’s EPL system – the company has become the first industry partner to prove offline verification for pilot licenses.

The system is built based on the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model, using decentralised identity technology that provides users with control over their personal data. This enables users to share a trusted credential for verification without revealing personal information.

The collaboration on EPLs is part of a newly signed five-year partnership between ICAO and SITA aimed at supporting the global aviation community through innovations in aviation safety, air navigation capacity and efficiency, and aviation training.