Sixty years of the RAF Red Arrows

The RAF’s Red Arrows display team will be marking 60 years together this year, and has launched its diamond anniversary campaign

The team’s Hawk jets will be adorned with special artwork for this display season. They also promise to include manoeuvres not seen for a generation in the nine-jet routine.

According to an RAF news release: “Preparations for the new season are underway at the team’s home base of RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, with the first nine-aircraft formation of the year flown earlier this week during a training sortie – bringing back an iconic shape not seen since 2021. It is expected the first public show of the 2024 campaign will be in late May.

The new commemorative design adorning the Red Arrows' Hawks this year
The new commemorative design adorning the Red Arrows' Hawks this year UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024

“UK and mainland European displays are expected to be staged in May, June, July, the first half of August and early October. Dates for these shows – coordinated by the RAF’s Events Team – will be released shortly.”

Sqn Ldr Jon Bond, Team Leader and flying as Red 1 for the first time in 2024, said: “The team is focussed on celebrating 60 display seasons in the best way possible – performing the Red Arrows’ trademark Diamond Nine formation in our diamond year, for families to enjoy across the United Kingdom and further afield. Having been to many airshows as a child, I hope our new team and exciting show will have the same impact on those watching in 2024 as it did on me as a young person – to be inspired through what teamwork can achieve and spur a lifelong passion for aviation.”

In their element - the RAF Red Arrows
In their element - the RAF Red Arrows KEY Collection