X-Plane Touches Down in Samos

Skyline Simulations has announced Samos International Airport (LGSM) for X-Plane is out.

Skyline Simulations Samos International Airport

Samos International Airport is a popular destination in the Greek islands. Its single short runway is surrounded by high terrain, and combined with strong Meltemi winds during the summer months makes for challenging landings.

Skyline Simulations has replicated the real airport with custom ultra-high-resolution orthoimagery, accurate mesh for the island and airport buildings modelled in 3D. Physically Based Rendering (PBR) effects are included throughout along with accurate ground markings and thousands of custom 3D objects.

The surrounding area is modelled with authentic landscape and cities using original OSM data with various objects scattered around the island such as high-resolution buildings, animated wind turbines, ports and 3D vegetation that blends in with the landscape.

Other highlights include ground traffic compatibility, night lighting and charts for the airport.