Slovenia X Photoreal and Airports Released

Scenery developer, Ilumium Simulation has released Slovenia X Photoreal for FSX and Prepar3D.

The scenery is a complete rendition of Slovenia, covering the small but diverse country from hilly southern to mountainous northern regions and from Adriatic coasts to the eastern plains. It features custom textures with four different seasons, including hard winter (including snow cover) and night textures.


Other highlights consist of custom terrain mesh for accurately replicating deep valleys and mountainous. More than 90% of Slovenian buildings are represented along with accurately placed rivers, lakes and coastlines. Highly diverse autogen includes typical houses with different textures and roof shapes according to the regions, commercial and industrial buildings, train stations, hotels and custom vegetation.

The Slovenia X Photoreal and Airports bundle is available on the Ilumium Simulation’s website for €49,50.

The previous Slovenia X landclass based version and Airports bundle can be picked up for a discounted price of of €38,50.

Existing users of Slovenia X are eligible to 30% discount when buying Slovenia X Photoreal. Existing users of Slovenia X plus the airport’s bundle are entitled to a 40% discount.