Southern California for X-Plane Released

Orbx has announced TrueEarth US Southern California HD for X-Plane 11 is now available.

Combining thousands of miles of highly detailed cityscapes, TrueEarth US Southern California features over 250,000km2 of colour corrected imagery from the mountains of Sierra Nevada to the sprawling metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Diego - both of which are highly detailed and included in the package.

Other highlights include millions of accurately placed buildings, trees, bridges and 1,000 points of interest along with waterfronts, harbours, beaches and docks that make up the coast of Southern California. It is also fully compatible with the latest Vulcan/Metal graphics engine in X-Plane 11 providing optimised performance across the entire region.

Key Features

  • Over 250,000km2 of colour corrected aerial imagery
  • Detailed cityscapes for key cities including Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Over 1,000 hand-placed objects
  • Optimised for the best performance
  • Millions of accurately placed buildings, trees and vegetation
  • Night lighting across all 3D objects
  • Blends with Orbx TrueEarth US Northern California.