Spartan 7W arrives in France

Spartan 7W Executive N47W outside the Aéro Restauration Service hangar, shortly after its arrival on 17 August. VIA SÉBASTIEN MAZZUCHETTI

Spartan 7W Executive N47W arrived at the Aéro Restauration Service hangar at Dijon-Darois in a crate on 17 August, at the end of a journey from Canton, Connecticut. The October 1939-built machine is now owned by Sébastien Mazzuchetti, one of the Plane Sailing pilots who flies Duxford-based PBY-5A Catalina G-PBYA. Mazzuchetti will display the Spartan at shows during 2018.

The Executive was originally delivered to the cosmetics company Luziers Inc of Mississippi as NC17656, and in March 1942 went into US Army Air Forces service as 42-38288. Restored to the civil register in July 1945 and subsequently re-registered N47W, it was acquired by the legendary air racing and motion picture stunt pilot Paul Mantz and based at Culver City in Los Angeles County, California. Mantz operated the Spartan for five years. The polished metal machine was acquired by Spartan LLC at Canton during January 2007.

It will now become one of just three airworthy examples of the type in Europe, the other two being Nigel Pickard’s Little Gransden-based machines.