Spraying with the Ag-Comorant

The Ag-Comorant is designed for aerial spraying.
Tactical Robotics Ltd

Israeli crop protection company ADAMA and developer Tactical Robotics have partnered to create a UAV called the Ag- Comorant able to carry out crop spraying work.

Tactical Robotics’ Cormorant is a compact, high-payload, vertical take-off-and-landing UAV designed to perform multiple tasks from logistics and cargo services to firefighting. A prototype of the Ag-Comorant is already flying and has undertaken more than 250 autonomous flight tests.

Tactical Robotics said it is, “looking for a partner with an interest in developing the aircraft’s potential in the agricultural market.

With the evolving shortage of agricultural pilots and the many risks and disadvantages of manned aerial spraying, the industry must find an unmanned solution to fill the void.”

Powered by a single Safran Arriel 2N turboshaft engine generating 985shp (734kW), the Ag- Cormorant is distinguished by an internal rotor system. It has a basic empty weight of 977kg (2,150lb), a maximum take-off weight of 1,740kg (3,830lb) and a useful payload of 764kg (1,680lb).

The companies say the Ag-Cormorant’s unmanned operation and design, “promote a new standard of safety in aerial spraying”, with the internal rotor configuration eliminating the risk of pilot injuries and exposed rotor accidents while providing a low acoustic signature.

They said: “The Ag-Cormorant’s ability to adjust flight height and speed according to the mission in combination with unique aerodynamic properties enables better canopy penetration, drift reduction and variable rate application capabilities.”