State Testing

RuASF Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lt Gen Andrey Yudin said the new prop-driven Yak- 152, developed and manufactured by Ikrut Corporation, will be handed over to the service’s 929th State Flight Test Centre in Akhtubinsk this autumn.

Lt Gen Yudin noted the Yak-152 is much needed for the initial phase of flight training and forms part of the RuSAF’s military pilot training system, which includes a procedural trainer, computer training aids and flight data analysis facilities.

The Yak-152’s maiden flight took place at the IAZ plant airfield in Irkutsk in September 2016. According to Irkut, development of the Yak-152 was ordered by the Russian Ministry of Defence in 2014, under a RUB 300 million contract and 150 aircraft are on order.