Stick & Rudder Studios Releases X-KeyPad 1.5

X-KeyPad enables you to create virtual keyboards with configurable keys and labels that can interact with and display data from X-Plane 11 and 12.

These virtual keyboards can be placed on a secondary monitor, touchscreen or tablet using Duet Display or SpaceDesk.

X-KeyPad supports integration with the X-Touch Mini Midi Controller and P.I. Engineering X-Keys keyboards and provides a graphical user interface to create and edit different aircraft configurations.

It allows you to assign controls such as flaps and undercarriage, change NavCom radio frequencies, adjust the altimeter, transponder code and the autopilot, etc.

Parameters such as the background colour, backlighting and virtual keyboard labels can be changed based on data from the simulator using a configurable grid. It also supports a wide variety of third-party aircraft as well as FlyWithLua scripts.

X-KeyPad is available on for $15 (approx £12).