Spitfire Week Quiz

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Question 1 of 10

Question 1

How many hours has Antony Parkinson MBE racked up in a Spitfire?


Question 2 of 10

Question 2

What words did Joseph 'Mutt' Summers say upon the completion of the Spitfire's first successful flight as a prototype?

Don't break anything
Don't keep anything
Don't fix anything
Don't change anything

Question 3 of 10

Question 3

What was the first squadron to receive Spitfires?

19 Squadron
41 Squadron
421 Squadron
617 Squadron

Question 4 of 10

Question 4

Which of Adolf Hitler's famed associates was notable quoted as having stated 'I should like an outfit of Spitfires'?

Joseph Geobbles
Heinrich Himmler
Hermann Göring
Robert Ritter von Greim

Question 5 of 10

Question 5

How many Spitfires are left today, regardless of state of decay?


Question 6 of 10

Question 6

Some Spitfires had interesting modifications made to their under-the-wing mountings. Instead of carrying bombs, what was the cargo that these modified Spitfires carried, making them popular amongst pilots?

Barrels of beer
Additional machine guns
Fresh food supplies
Targeted medical supplies

Question 7 of 10

Question 7

What was the inspiration for the name 'Spitfire', coined by Sir Robert Maclean?


The age-old definition of the word
It was random; he just needed a name beginning with 'S'
It was his eldest daughter's nickname
He wanted a name that described what the aeroplane could do

Question 8 of 10

Question 8

During the Battle of Britain, the nineteen Spitfire squadrons involved were responsible for shooting down how many aircraft?


Question 9 of 10

Question 9

During which battle did the Spitfire make its first full combat debut?

Battle of Britain
Battle of the Hague
Battle of Barking Creek
Battle of Dunkirk

Question 10 of 10

Question 10

What did the term 'Spitfire Snobbery' refer to?

After a pilot had flown a Spitfire, he refused to fly anything else
Luftwaffe crew would report that they had been shot down by a Spitfire to avoid embarrassment
Newspapers around the world would only report on incidents that involved Spitfires
Britain would charge other countries in the Commonwealth to use Spitfires in their propaganda

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