Swiss Air Force Challengers

Delivery of two Bombardier Challenger 604s to the Schweizer Luftwaffe (Swiss Air Force) has taken place. Challengers T-751 (c/n 5530, ex-HB-JRB) and T-752 (c/n 5540, ex-HB-JRC) are operated by the Lufttransportdienst des Bundes (LTDB or Federal Air Transport Service). Both aircraft were previously operated by Swiss air ambulance service REGA for 16 years, and were replaced by Challenger 650s from April 2018. In LTDB service, the aircraft will continue to be used as air ambulances, besides transporting military personnel replacing the LTDB’s single Beech 1900D. Aircraft T-751 made the type’s first flight in Schweizer Luftwaffe service on May 6. Kees van der Mark