T-37B 'Tweet' Ready for Take-Off

The Simworks Studios' twin-engine T-37B 'Tweet' jet trainer is available on the Just Flight online shop.

t37b-tweet (1).jpg

The aircraft features PBR materials, detailed systems simulation, realistic flight dynamics, a rich (and loud!) sound environment, independent instruments for student and instructor, custom animations, realistic lighting and a highly detailed virtual cockpit with animated 3D pilots.

For the study-level pilot, almost every system is simulated and works like the real aircraft, but there is an option to choose 'ready to fly' and get airborne quickly.



  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Pitot-static
  • Fuel & engine
  • Radios
  • DME
  • Independent instruments for student and instructor.


Visual model

  • Five high-quality liveries
  • High-definition virtual cockpit
  • Animated 3D pilots
  • Pass command from one pilot to the other
  • Kneeboard that can be panned, zoomed, moved and hidden
  • Animated visors
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Realistic instrument animations and operation.

The Simworks Studios T-37B 'Tweet' is now available on the Just Flight website for £33.99.