T-6A Texan II takes flight in X-Plane

AOA Simulations has announced the T-6A Texan II X-Plane 11 is now available. The project has been in development since February 2020 and according to the developer, is their most detailed model to date.

T-6A Texan II for X-Plane

The aircraft simulation was created using the official USAF 1T-6A-1 flight manual and SNFO (Student Naval Flight Officer) P-880 Aircraft Systems explanatory guide and features two liveries: USAF and US Navy TAW-5.

It sports a high-quality 3D model with 4K PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures and fully functional front and rear cockpits with more than 380 control manipulators; both pilot and instructor models are visible in cockpit views.

T-6A Texan II for X-Plane

Other highlights include an aerobatic, high-performance flight model tested and approved by former T-6A pilots. A single power lever controls the engine and propeller for jet-like simplicity. The unique T-6 Trim Aid Device (TAD) is also accurately modelled, compensating for engine torque with automatic rudder trim.

T-6A Texan II for X-Plane

It comes with a professional FMOD sound package by SimAccoustics and an extensive 38-page user guide, an illustrated avionics guide and checklists. The electrical system is also fully modelled with every circuit breaker on both the battery and generator bus panels functional.

Please note this model is for X-Plane 11 only. When X-Plane 12 is stable, a new version will be released as a free upgrade for existing users.

The T-6 Texan is available on x-plane.org for $40.00 (approx £35).