Tally Ho Project launches patron's scheme!

Get involved with keeping the memory of World War II veterans alive for generations to come

Here at Key.Aero, we're passionate about keeping the stories of the brave men and women who fought through the Battle of Britain - and indeed the rest of the war - alive. We believe that as their generation disappears, it's important to keep their spirits alive through the younger generations, whose duty it will eventually be to honour the memories of these incredible people.

You may well remember the name David Duker from our series of videos with the Tally Ho Project earlier in 2021. Powered by incredible stories from the past, The Tally Ho Project inspires action and awareness in young people to help them become resilient individuals who can believe in a future filled with possibilities through educating them in the stories of the brave men and women of the past.

David, founder of the project, has proudly announced that they have now launched a patrons scheme. If you have huge respect for the wartime generation and feel that their story can have a huge and positive influence on today’s students then you can now join 'Team Tally Ho'. The scheme allows those who also share the passion for maintaining the memory of the brave people of World War II to donate towards the cause. Read the statement below to find out what your money will be going towards:

"The Tally Ho Patrons scheme is LIVE!!

"Wow, what a humbling and exciting moment this morning when we checked in on our patrons page.

"The sense of togetherness and community means so much to us here at the project and we feel more motivated than ever to make an impact in the lives of the next generation.

"If you feel that you might like to join these amazing folk and become a patron of The Tally Ho Project CIC, then please follow the link.

"You’ll receive a patrons pin badge to wear with pride, a signed copy of ‘Rise to the Challenge’ and access to exclusive content and behind the scenes updates of the goings on at Tally Ho HQ. More importantly, your support and contribution with make a huge difference to young lives, whilst keep the memory of an incredible generation of people alive and extremely relevant.

"Let's learn from the past and inspire the present to help build a better world. 
The future is so bright. Onwards and Upwards folks!"

If you would like to donate or become a patron of the Tally Ho Project, simply click the link. 100% of your money will go towards supporting the project in maintaining the memories of this amazing generation for years to come. 

Become a patron here!

If you missed it, you can listen to the FlyPast podcast, where David speaks more in depth about the incredible work of the Tally Ho Project here: FlyPast Podcast Episode 8: The Tally Ho Project