Tecnam’s P-Mentor receives FAA certification

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded full Type Certificate to the Tecnam P-Mentor IFR trainer.

The certification paves the way for Tecnam to start deliveries to flight schools across the United States, with initial deliveries going to HCH Aviation in Texas, Kilo Charlie Aviation in Kansas and EpicSky Flight Academy in Iowa.

The two-seat P-Mentor has a Garmin G3X IFR touchscreen cockpit with PBN/RNAV capabilities, allowing students to complete the entire IFR single-engine syllabus on the aircraft (in addition to the VFR phase of training). Powered by a Rotax 912 iS engine, the P-Mentor’s fuel consumption is 3.70 US Gal/h (14 lit/h) and has an overall operating cost, according to Tecnam, averaging $65/hour.

Key features of the P-Mentor include a variable pitch propeller and an optional ballistic parachute.

The P-Mentor has received its FAA Type Certificate
The P-Mentor has received its FAA Type Certificate Tecnam

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