Tender for Tu-204-300

A tender for the procurement of a used Tupolev Tu-204-300 passenger aircraft in a VIP configuration for ministerial transport was announced by the Russian Ministry of the Interior in May; the budget is set at RUB 1.7 billion.

Requirements include a passenger compartment divided into three parts or cabins; one equipped for Russia’s Minister of the Interior with a two-person bed, wardrobe, lavatory and a working room furnished with a three-seat sofa. A second cabin is configured for other passengers and a third for use as a conference room. Passenger capacity is set at 55 seats.

Other requirements include a Tu-204-300 aircraft built after 2005 with a remaining service life of no less than 19,000 flight hours. Delivery to Military Unit 3553 based at Shtelkovo-10 near Moscow is required by December 2018. Selection is expected in mid-June.