Terra Flora for X-Plane Incoming

Orbx has announced TerraFlora XP for X-Plane 11 is in development.

Developed by Turbulent Designs, TerraFlora is designed to provide realistic, HD-quality trees for the whole globe in X-Plane 11. The package will feature a diverse range of colour-matched tree-types, replacing the default vegetation. It is designed for optimum performance and is fully optimised for X-Plane 11 and seamlessly blends with TerraFlora textures included in Orbx TrueEarth and airports


  • Superb HD-quality trees replacing all default autogen on a global scale
  • Realistic representation of a large variety of tree types
  • Vegetation textures created by Russ White
  • Multiple tree types cover the world with correct regional vegetation
  • Colour-matched to the default ground textures.