Tickets on sale – Flying Legends returns

The Fighter Collection (TFC) has confirmed that the justly famous Flying Legends air show will return this July at its new home of Church Fenton, Leeds-East Airport – and tickets are on sale now

The historic airfield once hummed to the wartime symphony of Spitfires and Hurricanes in its guise as RAF Church Fenton. The move will see the first new air show arrive in the North of England for decades and at an historically significant site - RAF Church Fenton played a crucial role in Britain’s wartime defence as a frontline fighter base and maintenance facility for battle-weary aircraft.

On each of the years it has been held – famously at Duxford in the past – Flying Legends draws in thousands of vintage aviation enthusiasts who travel from around the globe to savour the spectacle of historic aircraft displayed in their natural environment. There has been an active airfield at Church Fenton since 1937 when it opened during the RAF’s massive pre-war expansion plan. It was designed as a fighter base from the start and charged with protecting Yorkshire and Humberside from attack by enemy bombers. Post-war, it became a training base for fledgling pilots until the final military aircraft left in 2013. Today it is a busy General Aviation airfield.

Church Fenton’s first resident squadrons flew Gloster Gauntlet and Gladiators, including the first of that type to be delivered into service with the RAF. During the war, many squadrons and aircraft types were to operate from Church Fenton, including the first ‘Eagle’ Squadron of American volunteers, who came to Britain to fight before the United States formally entered the war.

Jane Larcombe of The Fighter Collection said: “It is with great pleasure that in our 30th year of presenting Flying Legends, we prepare for launch at Church Fenton, Leeds East Airport, such an historic location in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. We look forward to welcoming old friends, first-time visitors and many others as passionate about historic aviation as we are. Together we welcome the return of Legends and the first of many memorable airshows in the years ahead.”

The first Flying Legends to take place at Leeds-East is due to be staged on 15-16 July 2023. Click this link for tickets.

A classic Flying Legends scene
A classic Flying Legends scene Via Ben Griffiths