WATCH: The Tiger Nine Formation Team (starring two ex-Concorde pilots!)

Jeff Milsom from the Tiger Nine Display Team chats to Key.Aero about the pilot’s ‘audition’ process, and the similarities between the Tiger Moth and a crisp packet…


The Tiger Nine Display Team began in 2005 when a group of enthusiasts pooled together to create a one-off singular flypast display for the anniversary of a Tiger Club rally. After what was supposed to be a one-time event, it was clear that both the pilots and the Moth-lovers on the ground wanted more. The de Havilland Moth Club Tiger Nine was born.  

Despite its name, the team is actually made up of over a dozen active members. Pilots range from current airline pilots to ex-Concorde pilots, each of whom declare themselves available for a limited number of air show outings per season to make up the nine. The team isn’t commercially funded – it is made up of dedicated volunteers. 

Team leader, Jeff Milsom, sat down to talk to us at the recent Midlands Air Festival… 

The Tiger 9 Team in the 'Arrow' formation
Two Tiger Moths in the 'breakaway' formation

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