TK Elevator provides remote control for Istanbul PBBS

TK Elevator´s remote control system (RCS) for passenger boarding bridges has gone live at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

The installation marks the first major European hub to host the RCS, which aims to speed up the docking and undocking processes of passenger flights.

The RCS allows passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) to be safely controlled by an operator from a remote position instead of the classic operation inside the bridge itself. The system consists of a set of cameras to give the operator an enlarged field of view when docking and undocking a PBB. High-precision sensors assist the operator during the positioning process. 

Manuel Alvarez, CEO of airport solutions at TK Elevator, said: “Based on the experience of over 5,500 passenger boarding bridges installed worldwide, TK Elevator’s goal is to improve airports’ efficiency and travellers’ mobility at airports through smart technologies and intelligent solutions.

“The new remote-control system improves turnaround times of airplanes and operational savings while offering increased safety in busy airports, which face growing mobility requirements. The system makes docking operations at airports smoother and helps saving energy.”