Towards a 797

Boeing has shown key airline industry players a concept for an all-new midsize airliner, according to industry executives attending the recent ISTAT Conference in San Diego. The concept is for a 225-260- seat twin-aisle aircraft that would have transatlantic range.

Boeing has been studying concepts for a midsize aircraft between the largest 737 and smallest 787 for some years, with various monikers such as ‘Middle of the Market’ and ‘New Midsize Airplane’ used by company executives and analysts to describe the notional aircraft. Now it appears a concept is firming up. Steven Udvar-Hazy, Air Lease Corporation President, was quoted as saying: “Call it a 797.”

United Airlines Chief Financial Officer Andrew Levy said in an interview: “What we’ve seen so far is very, very interesting to us. We certainly hope Boeing launches the airplane. We think there is a need for it.” However, Levy emphasised the concept is a “paper airplane”. Should any development proceed the aircraft could enter the market in the mid-2020s, reports said.