The Transall C-160D in front of some of Oberschleissheim’s historic buildings, shortly after alighting on the airfield’s 2,625ft runway on 15 October. FLORIAN MORASCH

The Deutsches Museum at Oberschleissheim near Munich took delivery of a 48-year-old ex-Luftwaffe Transall C-160D on 15 October. The freighter, serialled 50+64, is of special interest for Bavaria — it was the last C-160 to leave Landsberg/Lech air base near Penzing, the home of Lufttransportgeschwader (Air Transport Wing, LTG) 61 during December 2017, wearing the slogan ‘Servus Transall — mach’s guad’ (‘Goodbye Transall — take care’ in local dialect) on the tail. 50+64 then had a short career with LTG 63 at Hohn, where the type had first entered Luftwaffe service in May 1968. Due to its size 50+64 will be displayed outside at Oberschleissheim on a specially prepared concrete base. The C-160 is currently being replaced by the Airbus A400M.