Tribute to Martin-Baker legend unveiled

Following the installation of the RAF Wing Memorial in June, which included a plaque dedicated at the final take-off point of Captain Valentine Baker in the Martin-Baker MB3, a second tribute has now been unveiled near the crash site.

Baker died on September 12, 1942, aged 54, when he was forced into an emergency landing and struck an obstacle while at the controls of the MB3 prototype.  

A new memorial remembering Captain Baker has been unveiled
The new memorial to Captain Baker at the Aylesbury Vale Golf Club. Nick Ellins

Nick Ellins and a fellow researcher located the crash site last year, and since then have assisted the landowner, the Aylesbury Vale Golf Club, to place a remembrance plaque, information board and finds from the site in their club lounge.

Captain Baker memorial
The information board detailing the events of Baker's life and crash. Nick Ellins

The club’s main function suite has also been named the Captain Valentine Baker Suite. The items on display include letters from the pilot’s grandson, plus John and James Martin, the two sons of Sir James, who founded Martin-Baker alongside Captain Baker. 

The renamed Captain Baker suite
The renamed Captain Baker suite. Nick Ellins

See the November issue of FlyPast for more on the Martin-Baker story. WITH THANKS TO NICK ELLINS