TSA predicts increase in passenger volumes

The organisation has seen screening numbers rise over the last month, with some airports recording pre-pandemic figures  

Last Sunday (June 27), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened over two million people through US security airport checkpoints – the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Currently, a selection of airports across the US are experiencing pre-pandemic passenger levels, with some already exceeding 2019 volumes, including Nashville International and Myrtle Beach. 

Fort Lauderdale Airport
Photo Fort Lauderdale Airport - Wiki Commons/EEJCC

 Orlando, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Phoenix Sky Harbour are coming up close to reaching pre-coronavirus numbers.  

The organisation expects this to increase over the weekend due to the fourth of July holiday.  

Face masks are still mandatory on any public transport around the states.  

Earlier last month, TSA reported that the average daily volume of passengers in the middle of May had recovered to around 65% of levels seen before the pandemic