Two more Typhoons delivered to Kuwait

LEONARDO HAS delivered a further two Kuwait Air Force (KAF) Eurofighter Typhoons. The aircraft landed in Kuwait on March 29 after a ferry flight from the factory at Turin-Caselle.

Kuwait Air Force Typhoon
Kuwait Air Force (KAF) Eurofighter Typhoon carrying temporary test serial MMT55269 landing at Turin-Caselle Airport, Italy, (home of the main Leonardo facility and Test Centre) after a pre-delivery test flight at dusk on March 9. This is the third two-seater for the KAF and had first flown from Caselle on January 28. Together with the fourth two-seater, MT55270, it was delivered to Kuwait on March 29 Marco Rossi

The direct flight was made possible by air-to-air refuelling support provided by an Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767A tanker operated by 14º Stormo at Pratica di Mare. Acceptance activities were completed by a combined effort from Kuwaiti and Italian personnel in the Joint International Programme Office.

These are the third and fourth KAF aircraft to be delivered. Both are two-seaters, test serials MMT55269 and MMT55270. The KAF has ordered 28 (eight twin-seat and 22 single-seat) Typhoons, the first two of which were delivered on December 14 last year – see First Kuwait Typhoons formally handed over, February, p6.