UK calls for aircraft provision to Ukraine

The UK Foreign Secretary has called for the delivery of heavier weapons to Ukraine, including apparent references to combat air capabilities, in a keynote speech at Mansion House, London, on April 27.

Since Russia expanded its invasion of Ukraine on February 24 this year, NATO members have sought to counter the quantitative and, in certain cases, qualitative edge Moscow’s forces have through the provision of increasingly kinetic military capabilities.

Polish MiG-29
Poland recently offered to donate its MiG-29 fleet to Ukraine, as it pursues an F-16 fighter acquisition from the US. Washington, in return, distanced itself from any link between the potential F-16 sale and provision of fighters by another NATO member to Kyiv. USAF

In a social media post on April 27 the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) confirmed the provision of Stormer air defence vehicles, which are armed with the Starstreak anti-air missile. In a separate post, the MOD revealed additional details on the range of equipment given to Ukraine to aid in its campaign against Russian forces, including more than 5,000 “anti-tank missiles”, 1,360 “anti-structure munitions” and five “air defence systems”.

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