QUIZ: The ultimate Airbus A321XLR quiz!

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To celebrate the first test flight of the Airbus A321XLR, enjoy this special quiz dedicated to the pioneering new jet. Need to do some last-minute research on the XLR before you start? Check out this 'all you need to know' explainer here. Good luck!

Question 1 of 10

1. Time for a quick test of your aviation history before we consider the future. When was the first-ever A320 flight?

November 1986
February 1987
July 1987
January 1988

Question 2 of 10

2. When was the A321XLR project formally announced by Airbus?


Question 3 of 10

3. Which facility did the A321XLR test flight depart from?

Mobile, Alabama
Bristol Filton

Question 4 of 10

4. What was the duration of the first test flight of the A321XLR?

Two hours and four minutes
Three hours and 19 minutes
Three hours and 49 minutes
Four hours and 35 minutes

Question 5 of 10

5. What is the MSN (construction number) of the first A321XLR test jet?

MSN 10000
MSN 11000
MSN 11111
MSN 12000

Question 6 of 10

6. Which engines were fitted to the aircraft performing the first test flight?

Pratt & Whitney GTF
IAE V2500

Question 7 of 10

7. What is the current entry into service date for the A321XLR?

Late 2022
Early 2023
Early 2024
Late 2024

Question 8 of 10

8. What’s the range for the A321XLR?


Question 9 of 10

9. Approximately how much further is that compared to the A321LR?


Question 10 of 10

10. According to Airbus, as of the end of May 2022, how many orders does the XLR have?

More than 300
More than 500
More than 600
More than 780

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Looks like more research and development time is required. Back to the books!

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Oh dear, not exactly an XLR performance. Better luck next time! 

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A reasonable effort, but plenty more testing required!

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Impressive stuff - a real XLR performance! Well done.