The Ultimate NOTAM Quiz! (Part One)

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Known as Notices to Airmen, and now also Notices to Air Missions, NOTAMs are a critical source of knowledge for aviators around the world. As defined by the United States FAA, they “contain information essential to personnel concerned with flight operations but not known far enough in advance to be publicised by other means”.


They share abnormal statuses such as temporary hazards and act as a valuable tool for keeping our skies safe. With space often tight and time at a premium, a series of abbreviations are used within NOTAMs to disseminate information efficiently. 


This week on the Key.Aero commercial aviation quiz, we’re putting your knowledge of some of these official ‘contractions’ to the test. Good luck!

Question 1 of 10

1. Let’s start with an easy one. What does ‘TWR’ mean when included in a NOTAM?

Two-wing rotation
Traffic without regulation
Airport control tower
Turbulent weather report

Question 2 of 10

2. What is the official abbreviation for ‘Delay’ or ‘Delayed’ on a NOTAM?


Question 3 of 10

3. You see ‘PPR’ on your NOTAM. What does it tell you?

Precipitation recorded
Population density restrictions
Priority given to rotary aircraft
Prior permission required

Question 4 of 10

4. ‘BA POOR’ isn’t an opinion on the British flag carrier! What does it mean in a NOTAM context?

Braking action poor
Beware airmen, port out of reception
Bravo Alpha low quality/unavailable
Banking action poor

Question 5 of 10

5. You see ‘MOC’ on the NOTAM – what does this tell you?

Maximum official clearance
Majority of clouds
Minimum obstruction clearance
Marginal optical command

Question 6 of 10

6. Here’s an important one. What is the code meaning 'With Immediate Effect' or 'Effective Immediately'?


Question 7 of 10

7. What does ‘GP’ mean on a NOTAM message?

Glide path
Ground proximity
Granted priority
Gaining power

Question 8 of 10

8. ‘CMB’ is known globally as the IATA code for Colombo’s main airport, but it is also a NOTAM abbreviation. What does it mean here?

Containing military boundary
Caution - movements barred

Question 9 of 10

9. Back to basics for this next one. What is the NOTAM code for weather?



Question 10 of 10

10. Here’s the last chance to boost your score! What does ‘HIRL’ tell aviators?

High incline, release lever
High roll
Helicopter traffic released
High intensity runway lights

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