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September 23 marks the fourth anniversary of the collapse of UK charter and scheduled carrier Thomas Cook Airlines. This week, we test your knowledge of the history of the much-loved airline.

Question 1 of 10

What was the name of travel agent Thomas Cook's initial in-house airline?

Leisure International
Paramount Airways
Ambassador Airways

Question 2 of 10

Which two airlines merged in 1999 to create JMC Air, the forerunner to Thomas Cook Airlines?

Air 2000 and Airtours International
Air UK Leisure and Ambassador Airways
Flying Colours Airlines and Caledonian Airways
Caledonian Airways and Air 2000

Question 3 of 10

JMC Air was named after the initials of Thomas Cook’s son. What was his name?

James Mark Cook
John Mason Cook
Joseph Michael Cook
John Mark Cook

Question 4 of 10

MyTravel Airways was originally known by what name?

Air 2000
Britannia Airways
Caledonian Airways
Airtours International

Question 5 of 10

In what year did Thomas Cook merge with MyTravel Airways?


Question 6 of 10

What was the name of the Caledonian Airways subsidiary, established in 1996 to operate for tour operator Goldcrest?

Peach Air
Pear Air
Apple Air
Banana Air

Question 7 of 10

Which aircraft did JMC Air become the first UK operator of in 2001?

Boeing 767-400ER
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 757-300
Boeing 777-300ER

Question 8 of 10

What was Thomas Cook Airlines callsign?


Question 9 of 10

How many aircraft did Thomas Cook Airlines operate at the time of its collapse?


Question 10 of 10

Which UK airport was the HQ for Thomas Cook Airlines?

London Gatwick

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