Upgraded flight deck

Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics are now available as a retrofit for CL-215 and CL-415 fire-fighters.
Viking Aircraft

Viking Air has launched an Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP) for the CL-215T and CL-415 fleet of aerial fire-fighting aircraft.

The programme will introduce modernised communications, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management functionality based around the Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, a FAR Part 25-certified scalable software-based system.

The core configuration features a flight director, a flight management system coupled with SBAS-GPS and LPV capability, a terrain awareness warning system, ADS-B Out, synthetic vision, crew alerting system display indicators and a multifunctional keyboard panel with dual cursor controls. Satcom, the Latitude Technologies Ionode System, weather radar and autopilot are among options for operators to enhance and customise the avionics system.

The standardised cockpit will feature three large LCD displays and “low instrument footprint for enhanced flight data visualisation” to “provide focused information in a streamlined, simplified cockpit design”.

Viking Aircraft said the AUP using commercial off-the shelf systems that will easily interface with the specialised mission equipment fire-fighting aircraft carry will provide, “a complete integrated solution for a harmonised cockpit that will meet current regulatory requirements [and] also address future operational and technical requirements”.

The AUP will initially be offered by Viking as an upgrade to operators of CL-215T or CL- 415, who will be able to select either a complete modification, including the supply and installation of the avionics suite, or a parts kit for installation by an approved maintenance repair organisation.

Viking said the AUP will also be offered for the CL-415EAF Enhanced Aerial Fire fighter launched last year, and that the system will be the basis for the flight deck in any new production fire-fighter that could be launched. The company is assessing the case for such an aircraft, tentatively designated the CL-515. Viking said offering Pro Line Fusion across the complete range would allow, “seamless interoperability and maintainability between new and legacy aircraft”.